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Non-Google Calendars (you can add your venue here):

BayDanceCalendar venues list

This is an attempt to create a community-maintained calendar of Bay Area social dance.

Adding your venue and events:

To add your Google Calendar to the embedded Google Calendar above, share it with and then email us about it, and we'll add it.

(I'd love to figure out a way to let folks embed more calendars themselves without having to email us. Likewise with Facebook calendar events somehow (this will be doable if I can figure out how to make a Facebook page or user account that auto-accepts event invitations)).


Community management of this site:

I'm better at starting things than finishing them, so I'd love to pass this along to somoene(s) with a continuing-moderator personality. To maintain the site, you'll just need the login to Email me there if you'd like to contribute!

COVID safety alert: 

It's June 2023, and folks I know are still getting COVID very frequently. Long COVID is real and has shattered the lives of multiple ("normal and healthy") people I know with potentially permanent disability including serious cognitive impairment, fatigue, and loss of physical endurance. Every time you get COVID, it's a roll of the dice.

I personally wear a KN-95 mask when I'm in a room of more than 10 people. I don't do crowds unless they're fully masked. And I got it in 2022.

Be careful out there, and don't spread and incubate the virus.

I'm not reviewing mask policies of events here, and I hope I'm not doing harm in that regard.

Dance at your own risk:

It's beyond the scope of this project to research and evaluate the safety of the events listed for ethics, inclusivity, and adherence to consent. Please take care out there. If this site contributes to people being harmed, that will change.